Mr. Arjun Shroff

Vice President Shroff International Travel Care Inc.
Mr. Arjun ShroffMr. Arjun Shroff

Mr. Arjun Shroff is the visionary leader behind Shroff Travel for 30 years. Travel career from India to the Middle East, where he spent over 11 years cumulatively between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. He was a recipient of IATA / UFTAA International Travel Consultant Certification and has led a unified team of travel professionals. In 1989, he moved to the Philippines where he has spent the last 33 years, passionately building both Outbound and Inbound tourism. Two decades and more of Shroff Travel’s journey, one of the leading (DMC) Destination Management Company in the Philippines providing fast, efficient and quality service.

Vision & Mission : We can do more , when we work together as one travel community.

He is a member of various local associations such as IATA, PTAA, DOT, TPB, PHILTOMA, and PCCI- Makati. He was the 2nd Vice President of PHILTOA and an honorary founding director for NAITAS. He is currently the President of ICAP (2023-2025) and an honorary member of ITATOA.